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Dr. IanicelliSince 1971, Aquafine has performed test work for hundreds of industrial clients and university laboratories, including organizations in 26 foreign countries.

Dr. Joe Iannicelli, founder of Aquafine, originated the concept of retention time in magnetic separation while technical director of a Georgia kaolin producer. He also invented the paramagnetic separator and was the first to combine high magnetic fields, high gradients, filamentary matrix, and a canister in a practical commercial machine.

Some of his many contributions to this field include:

  • Pioneered magnetic separation in 2T to 10T fields (1968)
  • Originated the concept of 84″ and 120″ diameter cyclic separators
  • Invented the radial flow canister
  • Patented the use of thin section matrix
  • Developed a nonblinding matrix for ferromagnetic ores
  • Led team consisting of DuPont and Sumitomo in the first use of high temperature superconductivity for mineral separation
  • Invented continuous filament matrix for magnetic separation

As the holder of over 50 patents, Dr. Iannicelli has a depth of knowledge
and experience unparalleled in the magnetic separation industry.

MagnetBefore superconductive magnet systems were practical for magnetic
separation, Aquafine sold more large resistive magnetic separators than
anyone else in the world. Aquafine‘s technology changed the kaolin clay
processing industry, worldwide.

Aquafine is a complete magnetic separation support company. It maintains a
fully equipped industrial minerals laboratory with a one ton per hour pilot
plant, including attrtion mills, spray dryers, and calciners.

Over the years, thousands of separation tests have been made on minerals
ranging from asbestos to zircon. Besides industrial minerals, the laboratory
has performed successful separations on water purification, petroleum
cleanup, and other applications (both dry as well as wet) in dozens of areas. Aquafine has been
instrumental in process design of entirely new plants for kaolin
clay processing in the U.S. and Overseas.

Aquafine bring the latest in magnetic technology to
High Gradient Magnetic Separation (HGMS) and Open Gradient Magnetic
Separation (OGMS). A laboratory superconducting magnetic separator capable
of fields in excess of 9T is available for testing and analysis.

In addition, the laboratory has three 2T, 5 inch pilot plant magnetic separators (one of which is mobile). A 2T 30 inch magnet (also mobile) is capable of processing 2 tons per hour.

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Aquafine Corporation - Since 1971